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Prepare/Enrich Training




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More than 4,000,000 couples have prepared for marriage or enriched their relationship through taking the P/E assessment and working with a Certified Facilitator.  The assessment itself has been proven to improve relationship satisfaction; however there is something extraordinary about the relationship a Facilitator develops with a couple that truly helps the couple grow more than they would on their own.


P/E is one of the most widely researched assessment tools.  Professors and students at colleges and universities worldwide use the scales as a tool to conduct and evaluate their research.  P/E continues to adapt and react to the changing reality of relationships through continued research and development of assessments and resources.

What You Get

Launch your work with couples through a customized, strengths-oriented assessment and complementary skill-building exercises. 

Quickly gain a comprehensive view of the couple's relationship to help you to know where to start and to enable you to focus your time on what the couple needs.

What You Give

Deepen the bond a couple has with a personalized snap shot of their relationship.  Use the objective results to illuminate a more clear understanding of themselves and their relationship while developing confidence and relationship skills.


I have been using the Prepare/Enrich program since 2009, when I became a facilitator.

I was an intern at that time and like many other interns, I was far from comfortable to start working with couples.  Even when I was introduced to this program I was somehow on the fence, but I decided to give it a try and take the training. To my surprise, it was exactly what I needed. It gave me a solid start—a highly customized online assessment and a ‘backbone’, a set of tools to get me started: structured sessions, appealing visual graphs, and a workbook of exercises to help couples in all areas of their life.

Although this was only a starting point, and although I learned so much throughout these years, I still use Prepare/Enrich and I am even more grateful for it. I still find it helpful, and my clients, too. They like its strength-based approach, especially because it encourages them in the beginning of their counseling, when many are lost and discouraged. Also the structure keeps them focused, ‘held’ and supported. The visual aids are an added bonus. My young millennial couples find it “cool” – I may not be that old and different after all! – and my older couples find it not complicated at all.  Most, if not all couples are excited to see how well the assessment ‘reads’ their relationship.

For therapists: The assessment is thorough and extensive; it gives a lot of information on strengths and improvement areas (suggested issues to work on), relationship dynamics, family of origin patterns, partner habits, wellness habits, personality traits and much more.

Many couples hold spiritual and religious beliefs that are important to them, but they don’t know how to bring them up in the therapy room, and many times they don’t even know that it would be appropriate to do so. Even if you don’t share their beliefs, you as a therapist will have a chance to serve them better by accessing motivations that are beyond the psychological realm. I had the chance to witness great results with highly conflicted couples whose initial assessment showed strength only in the Spiritual Beliefs scale.

The more information we have about our clients, the better we can serve them. The less biased we, clinicians, are – the better our results are.

How do I use Prepare/Enrich?

I always use the online assessment, unless, in rare cases, the couple refuses to take it.

The assessment is followed by a report. I use it as notes – it is valuable, thorough and it saves me time. The report helps me form an overall ‘bird-eye’ picture of the couple and their presenting and/or potential problems. During the first session I present the CORE scales to the couple and together we decide on what’s most important to work on.

Premarital counseling consists of 8 sessions of Prepare – you can do more or less. For conflicted couples I use at least 8 sessions of Enrich. You can always add your favorite method alongside this program.  What keeps me attracted to it is the flexibility with which other techniques can be grafted on it, depending on your training and on the needs and inclinations of each couple. Some of my favorite techniques are: object relations theory, attachment theory, and Integrative Body Psychotherapy. If stress and/or insomnia is part of the problem I use additional stress and sleep-inducing techniques, such as HeartMath and Sounder Sleep Systems.

Besides the one time only payment for both training, workbook and the use of the program, you also get a free couple log-in and 7 CEUs.

I invite you to be creative. When you have your basics covered (with the Prepare/Enrich tools) you will feel more relaxed, willing to explore and come out with your own integrated method.

For clergy: For clergy trained in psychotherapy, bridging in Prepare/Enrich will be easy – you will enjoy its structure and it will save you precious time for the other tasks of pastoral care.

Most clergy are not trained in psychotherapy – do not worry. I heard many concerns from pastors who want to serve their parishes but are not sure how to best do it. Although God is the Supreme Therapist, knowledge has its role, especially when it comes to troubled couples and families immersed in a chaotic and unsafe, secular world.

Prepare/Enrich will give you tools and knowledge so that you will be able to integrate it in your current toolkit; you will be able to use the program to serve many couples and families.

You will know when it is appropriate for you to help and when not, so that you will refer them out – the report will very likely show you the ‘red flags’ of domestic violence, child abuse, addictions and more. I cannot emphasize enough the benefit of having a network of helping hands – therapists you know and trust, therapists who will not clash with your beliefs, even if their faith or denomination is different from yours. The best work is always achieved when the pastor, doctor, therapist and other practitioners are in synch and involved in the individual, couple and family care.

It would be a great pleasure for me to help you train now and consult with you in the future.






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