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Prepare/Enrich Training



For registration go to: https://www.prepare-enrich.com/workshop/24432


More than 4,000,000 couples have prepared for marriage or enriched their relationship through taking the P/E assessment and working with a Certified Facilitator.  The assessment itself has been proven to improve relationship satisfaction; however there is something extraordinary about the relationship a Facilitator develops with a couple that truly helps the couple grow more than they would on their own.


P/E is one of the most widely researched assessment tools.  Professors and students at colleges and universities worldwide use the scales as a tool to conduct and evaluate their research.  P/E continues to adapt and react to the changing reality of relationships through continued research and development of assessments and resources.

What You Get

Launch your work with couples through a customized, strengths-oriented assessment and complementary skill-building exercises.  Quickly gain a comprehensive view of the couple's relationship to help you to know where to start and to enable you to focus your time on what the couple needs.

What You Give

Deepen the bond a couple has with a personalized snap shot of their relationship.  Use the objective results to illuminate a more clear understanding of themselves and their relationship while developing confidence and relationship skills.


I have been using Prepare/Enrich since 2009. I was an intern at that time and like many other interns, totally afraid to start working with couples. Prepare/Enrich gave me a "back bone' so to say; it gave me courage to start and the joy to continue using it in my private practice, then starting to train others. What keeps attracting me to it is the flexibility with which other methods can be grafted on it, depending to the needs and desires of each couple. One of my favorites are: attachment theory, Integrative Body Psychotherapy, and Family Systems.

I hope that you get trained and enjoy it fully.

Great resources on the webite www.prepare-enrich.com

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